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When the House of Representatives narrowly voted against the bailout on Monday September 29, the Washington State congressional delegation split on party lines.  Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank desperately needed pro-bailout votes, and they called upon Democratic Party congressmen to cast a partisan pro-bailout vote.

All the Republicans - Dave Reichert, Cathy McMorris-Rodgers, and Doc Hastings - voted against the bailout. 

But five of six Democrats - including Jim McDermott - voted in favor of putting the taxpayers on the hook for $700 billion.

In angry comments posted on the Seattle P-I and Seattle Times blogs, McDermott took a lot of heat from outraged voters, mostly from disappointed Democrats.  Here's a sampling:

From the Seattle P-I blog:

Anonymous at 12:35 pm posted:
"Dear Mr. McDermott, you just voted YES to being voted out of office."

Anonymous at 2:14 pm posted:
"I'm extremely disappointed in Jim McDermott....This will be coming back up for vote again in the near future. If he votes for it again, he will be losing this typically democratic voter to his next opponent. The majority of people you work for don't want this legislation. Let the banks bail themselves out or fail like every other small business owner."

RickM posted:
"the ones who have been in Congress way too long (Rep. Jim McDermott & Rep. Norm Dicks) all voted Yes ... perhaps that should tell their constituents it is time for a change."

Sephers165 posted:
"Rep. Jim McDermott....  You ... lost my vote."

Anonymous at 2:56 pm posted:
"I wrote Mr. McDermott and he can fully expect that I will work to unseat him this fall. I will devote my money and time to see him unseated for this betrayal of the public trust by voting for this 700 billion dollar boondoggle. He should just resign now since clearly he lacks any common sense."

Anonymous at 3:28 pm:
"I'm another democrat very disappointed with Jim McDermott's vote. This seems like an extreme turn of opinion...."

ProudToBeALiberal posted:
"I've voted Democratic my whole adult life, but the last 2 days I've been looking for an alternative to McDermott."

PatInSeattle posted:
"McDermott has lost my vote. Shame on him for voting for this corrupt and monstrous bill....  The republicans actually stood up the challenge this time...."

And on the Seattle Times blog, Mandy posted:
"I'm disappointed that Jim McDermott would vote for such an obvious give-away to the very people who got us into this mess, and give away unprecedented power. That's very disappointing."

And Seattle blogger Erick Fejta wrote the following:
"Jim McDermott voted against Seattle on Monday, September 29th in supporting this bill....  I am ashamed that he claims to represent me and my interests in Congress.  Vote him out of office this November....  Reason and morality failed to persuade Jim McDermott....  This support [for the bailout] was unwarranted. Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank's solution did nothing to protect the American people. It fails to solve the financial crisis. Fewer than 25% of people support Nancy Pelosi's congress for a reason....  [P]lease send McDermott a message....  Just make sure your vote is against McDermott selling out Seattle to Wall Street."


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