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Steve Beren, November 10, 2008

I am writing to thank you for supporting my 2008 campaign for Congress in the 7th Congressional District.  Because of the enthusiasm and commitment of people like you, my campaign aired 112 radio ads on eight Seattle-area radio stations, distributed many thousands of pieces of literature; and received positive media coverage.  There were over 60,000 visits to our campaign website.  Above all, I promoted Republican policies and conservative values "right in the heart of liberal Seattle."

I give special thanks to my campaign steering committee and volunteers; my endorsers and financial contributors; the grassroots activists of the King County Republican Party; and many others for their support and encouragement.  It has been an honor to represent you in this campaign.  Below is a list of just some of the many people deserving of special acknowledgment….         

...(W)e increased Republican turnout in the 7th Congressional District….  Initial returns on election night showed that, district-wide, we were even running just slightly ahead of the national ticket. [UPDATE: The final 2008 Beren vote total was 57,054, an increase of 18,339 votes - or 47% more than in 2006 – Republican turnout in 2006 was 38,715.]

Nevertheless, we are disappointed that Dino Rossi was not elected governor - we wish we could have done more to help elect Dino and bring about needed change in our state's political culture.  But we do congratulate Attorney General Rob McKenna and Congressman Dave Reichert, each of whom was re-elected.

With the Democrats taking control of the White House in 2009, we in the conservative movement have great challenges ahead.  There will be political battles with the Obama administration and the Pelosi-Reid congress over tax policy, government spending, health care, judicial appointments, and national defense. 

Within the Republican Party, there will be important debates over the direction of our party.  Back in 1975, Ronald Reagan called for a "revitalized" Republican Party, "raising a banner of no pale pastels, but bold colors which make it unmistakably clear where we stand on all of the issues troubling the people."

Now as in 1975, it remains necessary to boldly and proudly raise the Republican banner. 

I promise you I will not be going away.  I will continue to be active in politics, speaking out on the issues - free market solutions, constitutional principles, strong national defense, pro-life policies, tough border security, lower taxes, and limited government.  The Republican Party is strongest and most effective when we remain true to these policies. 

Thank you again for all your support, and all the best to you as we head into the holiday season and the new year.

Steve Beren

Steve Beren

I wish to acknowledge the following individuals for their support and involvement with my congressional campaign:

Steering Committee: Lisa Thwing, campaign manager (and 32nd LD chair); Eric Rohrbach; Dan Thwing; Joe Ripley; Sandy Ripley; Jim Clingan (and 34th LD chair); Andy MacDonald (and 36th LD chair); Warren Peterson; Art Coday

Fundraiser Hosts and Special Guests: Thor and Shelly Tolo, Danny Piecora, Ray and Linda Coffey, Bobi Tucker and Jim Suzuki

Fundraiser Special Guests: Rob McKenna, Luke Esser, Steve Hammond, Mike Siegel

Crucial Support: Slade Gorton, Mark & Judy Fenton, Richard Alvord, Bronston Kenney, Alex Polson, William Colwell, Bob Blake, Suzie Burke, Richard Griffiths, John Morgan, Craig Keller, Steve Klein, Thomas Swanson, Martha Dickerson, Carl Heller, Tom Bernard, Ralph Welder, T. Habecker, Wayne Gittinger, William Rosen, Martha Weiss, Steve & Kay Wisner, Chuck & Barb Teel, Erich Fleck, Dick Derham, Robert Guthrie, Earl Hufnagel, Hossein Khorram, Bob & Robin Baker, Elizabeth Browning, Michael & Shelia Hurst, Richard Prout, Walt Spady, John Sweeney, Robert Sundquist, Hal Cagot, Ed Sterner, Ron & Virginia Hebron, Randy McLeary, Hanya Poczynok, Jean Bell-Carpenter, Elizabeth Beckman, Vernon Cook, Hilde Derke, Einar Johanson, David Johnson, Erik Moseid, Ted Peterson, Edward Sincock, Milton Horst, John Todd, Gail Jensen, Mike Meenen, Rich Lacher, Howard Morrill, Russell Johnson, David & Marilyn Robertson

Volunteers: Loren Nelson, Michael Pepka, Keith Ljunghammar, Sam DeBord, Korina Scott, Gregg Andrews

Treasurer: Kyleen Niccolls

Website Manager: Lawrence Monis

Radio Spot Production: David Kallander (Reel Thing Entertainment)

GOP Leaders: Lori Sotelo (King County), Lisa Bailey (46th LD chair), Jim Nobles (43rd LD chair), Ross Marzolf (37th LD chair), Ruth Gibbs (11th LD chair)

Special Thanks: Dino Rossi, Matthew & Jennifer Fritch, Bill & Heather White, Doug Sutherland, Reagan Dunn, Pete Von Reichbauer, Jane Hague, Kathy Lambert, Dick Muri, Skip Priest, Toby Nixon, Dick McEntee, Deborah Kallander, Russ McCurdy (Veterans for Victory PAC), Nathan Johnson, Matt Lundh, Geraldine Duzenack, Pastor Joe Fuiten, Michael Young, Diane Tebelius, Mike McKay, Jeanette Burrage, David Irons 

National Support: Charles & Joni Andrews (Arizona), Gregory & Eileen Milzcik (Connecticut), Robert Dietrich (California), Jeff Rayner (Arizona), Richard & Carol Cassady (Texas), Spencer Cohen (Texas), Wilda Smith (Florida), Dr. Tim Heerensperger (Texas), Veterans for Victory PAC (Texas), Citizens United Political Victory Fund (District of Columbia)

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