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Meeting in Auburn, Washington on April 29, 2006 the King County (Washington State) GOP Convention adopted its platform and certified Steve Beren as its candidate for U.S. Congress in the 7th Congressional District against Democrat Party incumbent Jim McDermott. Beren addressed the delegates in the morning, and in the afternoon was named on 78 of 81 ballots cast by delegates. Excerpts from the Steve Beren speech follow:

Im Steve Beren, and I am running for Congress in the Seventh Congressional District against Jim McDermott .

You all know about McDermott. He is one of the worst members of congress. Ineffective, arrogant, complacent, unethical, and most of all, a far left extremist. He's also had a bit of legal trouble lately, and I believe we have a great opportunity to do things with this campaign that have not been done for a very long time.

I believe I am the perfect candidate to run against McDermott. In my youth I was a Vietnam antiwar activist, and I am a former Democrat. I switched to the Republican Party at age 52, just like Ronald Reagan.

Our district is now solidly Democratic, but I truly believe that one day it will be a majority Republican district. But in order for that to happen, weve got to take a lot of current Democrats, and turn them into former Democrats (like me).

Since 9/11, I have been a speaker and writer, primarily on the issue of international terrorism. Ive been on numerous talk shows, debated the Young Democrats on campus, appeared as a panelist at the Young Republican National Convention, and was the keynote speaker at a Lincoln Day fundraiser last year in Oregon.

My concept of this campaign is not to preach to the choir, but to present Republican values and Republican issues to the entire electorate. You're the choir. Rather than me preach to you, you and I need to combine together, and then we need to convince the voters as a whole.

And there is a dual character to this campaign. It is a local campaign, but there is also a national aspect to it.

The morning after I announced my campaign, the federal appeals court ruled that McDermott had violated federal law. Since then I have been interviewed on talk shows from Georgia to San Antonio to Portland, and NewsMax magazine has covered my campaign and my reaction to the court ruling.

Some people say to me: "wow, you're in a tough district - Seattle." I say, "yeah, but McDermott is in a tough district too - it's called America!"

McDermott opposes the Patriot Act and opposes the terrorist wiretapping program. Yet he has no problem with REAL domestic wiretapping of fellow congressmen. What a hypocrite! Is that the best the Democrats can offer?

And when Al-Jazeera recently presented its list of top ten antiwar congressmen, McDermott was on the list.

And when congress passed a resolution opposing aid to Hamas, McDermott complained on the house floor that this was just Republican "show-boating" for Israel.

And when congress passed a resolution favoring referral of Iran to the Security Council, McDermott was one of only four congressmen voting "no."

And McDermott has said of our troops in Iraq: "as long as our troops are there theyre going to be a continued irritant." Actually it is McDermott who is an irritant to the state of Washington. If ever a congressman should pursue an "exit strategy," it's Jim McDermott.

I ask for your endorsement today. I ask you to give me your support, your time, and your money. Your support will get me on radio and TV, and I will represent your ideas, your concerns, your interests, your dreams .

I want to be your candidate for congress. I want to help change the political atmosphere in this corner of the Pacific Northwest. Seattle needs a debate, and I can be an effective voice in that debate. Seattle needs a new congressman, and I can be an effective voice in congress.


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